Tech Trends That Could Transform The Future of Dentistry

For years, technology has been transforming how industries conduct business. Today and for the last 20 – 30 years, we’ve seen technology advance to unbelievable heights, making today one of the most prolific and rapidly evolving tech-booms of all human history. 

The world of dentistry is no different. At our office we use a number of new technologies that make the appointment experience much more efficient and comprehensive. But there’s even more technology being developed in the dental space. Here’s an example of just a few.

1. Smart Toothbrushes

Your home is already connected in many ways, why not upgrade the bathroom, too? A smart toothbrush with smart sensors will be able to monitor your brushing habits, making sure you’re brushing your best every time. This will change the game for not only adults, but for kids as well.

2. Teledentistry

A way to go to the dentist without actually going to the dentist. Teledentistry gives you the ability to receive some dental services online, such as having images captured, video chatting, etc. This will be a great way for the elderly, people with special needs and those who live in rural areas to see a dentist routinely. 

3. Digital Dentures

Gone are the days it takes days or weeks to produce and fit a pair of dentures. Using computer-aided design and manufacturing, dentures can be made in a fraction of the time without ever leaving your dentist’s office.

4. Virtual Reality

Though Virtual Reality (VR) technology has been used for entertainment purposes for quite some time, the use of VR could change the way dental professionals are educated and trained. A virtual laboratory could be used to try different technologies and techniques without the presence of a real patient. The same VR technology could be used on the patient side as well; a great way for patients to ‘escape’ during a procedure.

5. Intra-Oral Camera

“Open wide” will soon be a thing of the past. With an intra-oral camera, your dentist will be able to see inside your mouth and take pictures using a camera on a dental mirror. The images will be shown on a screen outside of the patient’s mouth.

While most of the technology mentioned above has been around, the thinking around it and the ways in which it can be used continues to evolve. We’re looking forward to the day we have all this new technology at our disposal.