5 Fun Facts About Teeth

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There are many ways to keep your teeth healthy. As we know, teeth play an important role in our daily life. It’s impossible to smile or eat without them. You should go to the dentist regularly and brush your teeth twice a day – morning and evening. All of that aside, did you know these fun facts about teeth?

1. Teeth are the Hardest Thing in Your Body, Even Stronger Than Bone!

Many people assume that bones are the hardest substance in the body, but that’s not true. Teeth are even harder; they’re made of over 96% minerals. Also, some people tend to think that teeth are bone but bones produce marrow while teeth do not.

2. Your Teeth Have a 200 Pound Bite Force

It’s said that an adult human has a biting force of 200lbs. This is incredible! The human biting force is on par with the pit bull at 235lbs. Biting force is an interesting topic that can be explained in different ways. For example, one could write about the fact that there are many animals with much stronger bite forces than humans. Or they could discuss how people use their teeth as tools, like picking up items or opening jars. Although our teeth have the ability to do these things, we don’t recommend it. You wouldn’t want to chip a tooth!

3. Teeth Used to Be Brushed With Twigs

Very long ago, pre 5000 B.C., people chewed on twigs to clean and floss their teeth. They found that this practice eliminated food and bacteria buildup on the surface of the teeth as well as in between them. Ancient Egyptians used crushed eggshells and animal hooves for dental care products. Luckily things have changed and we now have pretty advanced toothbrushes.

4. Every Tooth is Completely Unique

Every person has 52 different teeth in their lifetime. From the time of birth, each tooth is unique. Every person and every tooth will be different. This fact led to dental records being used as a form of identification because no two people have the same dental records. This is just like fingerprints and even tongue prints.

5. Your First Tooth Likely Erupted Between 6-12 Months of Age

Composite bonding can improve the overall look of the bottom teeth. While it can be done on both the top and These Parents can expect to see their child’s first tooth emerge between six months and their first birthday. Signs that your child might be teething include a low-grade fever, crankiness, poor sleeping behavior, tugging at their ear, and lots of drooling.


Your teeth are important. Remember, the adult set you get is the last permanent set. That being said it is wise to schedule regular cleanings and pay attention to your oral hygiene. Regain confidence in your smile and contact us today to set up an appointment.