Are Your Teeth Feeling Numb and Tingly?

Are Your Teeth Tingling DDS Monroe Michigan

Are your teeth feeling numb and tingy or maybe even itchy? This can be an occasional issue, but sometimes it can indicate something serious is going on. It’s important to bring up any symptoms to your dentist.

What Causes Tingling Teeth?

Tingly teeth are a common problem that can be caused by a variety of factors. Tooth sensitivity is the most common cause of tingling teeth, though other causes may include infection, decay, or a dental abscess. If you are experiencing tingling teeth, it is important to visit your dentist for an evaluation to determine the underlying cause. Other causes can include burning mouth syndrome and pulpitis.

Preventing Numb and Tingling Teeth

Much can be done to prevent tingling teeth. Here are some preventative measures:

  • Always use a toothbrush that’s in good working condition, and choose one with softer bristles.
  • Brush your teeth twice per day, and floss every day.
  • Take steps to treat bruxism (teeth grinding).
  • Contact your dentist regularly for an oral health checkup and cleaning.
  • Eat an enamel-friendly diet that limits acidic foods.
  • Always wear a mouthguard when playing contact sports.


Most people experience some type of tooth tingling sensation at one time or another. In most cases, it is simply the result of eating something cold or spicy. However, for some people, the tingling is a sign of a more serious problem. In these cases, it is important to seek treatment from a dentist as soon as possible. Contact us today to schedule an honest appointment.