Why Fluoride Treatments Are Important for Adults Too

Many have traditionally thought that children are more susceptible to dental carries (cavities) because they tend to be less consistent with the standard brushing and flossing recommendations. As a result, many think that fluoride treatments are better suited for kids. This is not the case.

While it may be true that kids can be less consistent with their dental hygiene, the truth is cavities impact people of all ages making fluoride treatments beneficial for anyone, especially adults. First, it is important to understand what might increase your risk of developing caries.

Factors that Increase Risk of Cavities

There are many factors that increase the likelihood of developing cavities. They range from the usual factors like poor oral hygiene or regularly eating highly acidic foods or drinks, to decreased saliva production in your mouth. Here are some of the common factors leading to cavities in adults and children alike: 

  • Acid reflux can increase the risk of caries
  • Irregular or poor dental hygiene
  • Diet full of high-acidic foods/drinks
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Limited professional dental care
  • Braces combined with poor hygiene
  • Higher levels of bacteria in mouth
  • Teeth roots that are exposed
  • Fillings, bridges and crowns can collect cavity causing plaque

Adults That Could Benefit Most from Fluoride

There are many situations when fluoride treatments for adults can be extremely beneficial. Those who would most benefit from adult fluoride treatments include:

  • Adults with a high risk of cavities.
  • Adults with receding gum lines can soften the enamel, but fluoride treatments can mitigate this process.
  • If you’ve had restorative work done, fluoride treatments can help protect from plaque that can damage crowns and bridges.
  • Adults with braces that struggle to keep up with flossing can benefit from fluoride treatments to minimize plaque buildups.
  • Irritated gums as the result of acidic foods or the use of teeth whitening applications can be treated with fluoride treatments.
  • Adults who have undergone radiation treatments can benefit from fluoride treatments to minimize the impact of dry mouth and limited saliva production.

To find out if a fluoride treatment is right for you, come in for an appointment or ask about it during your next cleaning and we can come up with fluoride treatment plan personalized for you. Contact us today.