At Home Teeth Aligners – Are They Worth It?

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One of the latest trends in dental health is at-home teeth aligners that don’t require a single trip to the dentist or orthodontist. Some of these new companies are even promising straight teeth in roughly six months, but is it all too good to be true?

The reality is that while at home teeth aligners may work for some, milder tooth alignment issues, there are many opting for this convenience when really, they should be having a professional offer a treatment plan that might include traditional braces or other orthodontic care. In other words, at-home aligners might not be enough for everyone.

How much do at home teeth aligners cost?

There are a variety of at home teeth aligner companies that offer a doctorless experience when it comes to getting these aligners. The pricing for these packages ranges from one-time fees to payment options to even subscription plans. The pricing tends to range from $1700 – $2500 and each approaches the process a bit differently.

Am I a candidate for at home teeth aligners?

When it comes to knowing if you might be a candidate for at home aligners, it is hard to say without having a professional look at your teeth. For instance, here are some situations where clear aligners simply will not get the job done:

  • Teeth Rotation: If a tooth or teeth have rotated due to some form of crowing or misalignment, these at home clear aligners might not be able to bring that tooth back to the right position.
  • Intrusions: Any too that is lodged into the jawbone will not be fixed by at home aligners.
  • Tooth Malformations: Any round or pointed teeth are not likely to be able to fit properly in a at home aligner.
  • Extrusions: Teeth that sit up high on the bone will not be fixed by a simple aligner.

There are other situations where these at home teeth aligners will not be able to resolve moderate to serious jawbone or tooth misalignments. The only way to know for sure is either to try the at home products and risk wasting money or speak with a professional to get a comprehensive plan that could work for you.


Either way, the important thing to note about at home clear aligners is that they simply don’t replace the need for a dentist or orthodontist. Your orthodontist will be able to offer you complete alignment treatment options, but in some cases your dentist may also offer at-home care options for alignment issues. For the peace of mind on this, we recommend speaking to a professional on the best treatment plan for your tooth misalignment issues.

If you would like a professional opinion, contact us to set up an appointment today and we can either offer solutions to your alignment issues or advise you on your next steps for correction your alignment issues.