From Toothbrushes to Flossing Recommendations – Here’s How Dental Standards Are Born

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At our office we are committed to staying on top of the latest data and research coming from the American Dental Association (ADA) as it relates to dental best practices, industry standards and product recommendations. Just recently we switched the toothpaste brand we give to our patients based on recent findings and research.

But to most, it probably seems like these changes are somewhat random. The truth is, our recommendations and shifts in procedure practices, don’t come quickly. There’s a very extensive amount of research and discussion that goes into these decisions.

According to the ADA:

Through comprehensive analysis, the ADA establishes baseline standards and technical recommendations for almost every tool of modern dentistry, from radiographic systems to sealants to manual toothbrushes. Our mission is to ensure the highest level of patient safety and professional satisfaction through the publication of clear industry standards for both dental products and dental informatics.

The ADA is constantly evaluating and revaluating products and procedures with the patient’s best interest in mind. The process by which this is accomplished is visualized in the graphic below:

Dental Standards

More simply put, dental standards seek to do the following things:

  • Define or provide specific technical requirements for a material, product, process, procedure, service, policy, etc.
  • Provide definitions, dimensions, terminology, symbols, test methods, performance or safety requirements, etc.
  • Are clear, concise, unambiguous and easily understood by those not involved in its development.
  • Facilitate the improvement and quality of oral health and the safety of dental care.

Our office is committed to offering the most modern and industry accepted practices for our patients. Contact us today to make an appointment